Logistics in Guanajuato sustains top-level footwear production

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With significant investments in warehouses in the industrial park in Guanajuato, Mercado Libre emerges as a platform to consolidate logistics activities related to the footwear industry.

Establishing the logistics facility that the e-commerce company will operate in Leon opens an opportunity for local shoe factories to tap into a growing market by targeting online sales.

The fashion industry accounts for 46% of the e-commerce sales managed by the enterprise, with 915,000 shoes sold every month. Maintaining these market levels and increasing product exposure are critical to establishing new selling points, considering the resources technology provides.

According to the Mexican Ministry of Economy, in the first three months of 2024, Mexican international footwear sales reached US $78.8 million, with Guanajuato encompassing US $48.1 million.

The Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) reported that in 2023, 8 out of every 10 Mexican citizens who used e-commerce platforms bought fashion articles. This growing market has made Mexico the second most important country for e-commerce in Latin America, following Brazil. This trend is a sign of the importance of the fashion business.

The report states that 11% of the customers use exclusively online shopping platforms for purchasing fashion products, but 71% of the total customers use these platforms for research before finalizing deals. The association also reports that e-commerce sales for retail grew by 24.6% in 2023 compared to 2022, as reported by The Logistics World.

According to Lider Empresarial magazine, Leon, where the logistics center will operate, is recognized as an essential footwear manufacturing center. It provides nearly 120,000 direct jobs and 300,000 job opportunities related to industry activities, representing 70% of the manufacturing workplaces in the area.


The industrial park in Guanajuato could serve as a logistics node for the footwear industry

Establishing the Mercado Libre facility to boost e-commerce activities related to the footwear industry is expected to allow local entrepreneurs and different shoe factories to expand their market reach by utilizing the retailer’s capabilities to reach new customers in other regions.

The infrastructure development in the industrial park in Guanajuato and the attraction of different foreign enterprises due to the boost in automotive industries, nearshoring, and logistics dynamics offer conditions for footwear and leather manufacturers to grow and leverage their expertise, location, and logistics growth in the state.

Frontier Industrial offers industrial land for sale and buildings for rent in the main industrial regions of Mexico, including PILBA Industrial Park in Leon, where Mercado Libre’s logistics facilities will operate. This will enhance the possibilities of establishing manufacturing or logistics activities in every Mexican region.

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