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Aerospace industry: vital to enhance manufacture in the central states of Mexico

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Manufacturing, the primary industrial activity poised for growth, is set to receive a significant boost. This is thanks to the recent agreements between the Air Space Cluster Edomex and the governments of Mexico City, the State of Mexico, and Hidalgo, which are strategically aimed at enhancing aerospace manufacturing in the central states of Mexico. 

These recently signed agreements aim to provide technical assistance, supplies, and services to key airports such as the Mexico City International Airport, the Toluca International Airport, the Hidalgo Airport, and the Felipe Angeles International Airport.

According to Air Space Cluster director Myrghe Sppross Barcenas, this strategic collaboration will enable governments to access providers, thereby reducing costs associated with sourcing from Queretaro, Guanajuato, or Monterrey, which are expected to be the main competitors. 

In this landscape, the industrial park in Hidalgo faces the opportunity to continue growing, as it has been doing since the public health emergency caused a decrease in 2020 and 2021, according to El Sol de Hidalgo. Moreover, the agreements can consolidate a vital aerospace industry in the region thanks to the activities in Mexico City and the industrial park in the State of Mexico. 

With at least 24 established aerospace enterprises operating in the 3 states, these Mexican central states host nearly 6% of the aerospace industry companies with operations in Mexico.  

The agreements are set to drive the creation of highly specialized industry clusters in the region, a move that could cause a surge in job opportunities. The Mexican aerospace industry, currently employing over 110,000 people, is valued at more than US $4,600 million, as stated by Fadlala Akabani Hneide, spokesperson of the Economic Development Ministry.  

Carlos Henkel Escorza, representing the state of Hidalgo, affirmed that the Mexican central region has the technology, services, and workforce needed to develop, along with the State of Mexico and Mexico City, the aerospace industry and face the challenges of competitors in other entities.


Aerospace industry enterprises in Mexico

State Aerospace enterprises
Baja California 97
Sonora 58
Chihuahua 52
Queretaro 50
Nuevo Leon 33
Coahuila 14
Mexico City 13
Tamaulipas 12
State of Mexico 10
Jalisco 10
Guanajuato 5
Durango 3
Puebla 2
San Luis Potosi 2
Zacatecas 2
Yucatan 2
Hidalgo 1
Aguascalientes 1
Oaxaca 1

Source: FEMIA (2023).

Myrhge Spross Barcenas, from the Air Space Cluster, explains that the agreements will reinforce the industry for offering the services and products that the airports in the states need. Moreover, the boost for the manufacturing area related to the aerospace industry will increase the opportunities for different enterprises in the region.

“The air space cluster was formed last year and currently consists of 12 companies providing airport maintenance services, manufacturing aerospace vehicle seats, high-precision manufacturing, robotics companies, technology, and logistics,” explained Spross Barcenas to La Jornada. She explained that they will be able to increase the number of companies and encompass different sectors related to the activity. 

Besides manufacturing activities, the industrial park in Hidalgo and the State of Mexico encompasses pharmaceutical industry operations, food and beverage industry operations, plastics, and chemical industries, as well as logistics activities. The enhancement of aerospace industries would drive the improvement of workforce technical capabilities, allow the region to offer new opportunities, and attract a broader range of industrial foreign investments, which can drive the growth of the state economy.    

The investment attraction has the potential to significantly boost industrial and manufacturing activities, particularly in key areas such as the industrial park in Hidalgo and the State of Mexico.

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