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Electromobility fuels the Mexican industrial real estate market

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The Mexican industrial sector is taking steps to establish an electric vehicle production hub in the country and take advantage of the current development in the supply chains for auto parts and automotive manufacturing. This is fueling the industrial real estate activities in Mexico.

The Monterrey industrial market is growing due to the establishment of foreign industries and investment attraction through the nearshoring trend. The next expected boost is the start of production in the already-announced Tesla factory.

Manuel Montoya, Nuevo Leon’s Automotive Cluster Director, explained to Mexico Industry digital magazine that the state is working to offer the best conditions for an electromobility hub.

“We already have most of what we need, including harnesses, glass, electric computers, seats, plastic injection, and steel. All of that is available in Nuevo Leon,” Rivas expressed.

He affirmed that the state is working to develop battery production, which is the main need for ensuring operations.

Steel production is a strength in the region that can accelerate the process of establishing an electromobility cluster because manufacturers are working with different specialized steels that are currently imported.

“We see that in Europe, many countries have developed electromobility through public policies. In China, both through public policies and because many brands have developed electric vehicles at very competitive prices,” he commented about electromobility.


Foreign investments boost the national industrial real estate market

Mexico is becoming an essential market for auto parts suppliers specializing in electric vehicles, as is evident with the establishment of enterprises dedicated to chassis modules, such as ZF Foxconn Chassis Modules in Toluca, in the State of Mexico.

Aguascalientes has recently received the Chinese enterprise Ningbo Feng Mei New Energy Automotive Technology, which works in injection molding parts. As a supplier, it works globally with OEMs such as Volkswagen, BMW, Stellantis, Tesla, Rivian, and Volvo. Some of these OEMs already have manufacturing plants in Mexico.


Batteries suppliers are paving the path for further investments

Monclova, Coahuila, will be the place where INFAC, an auto parts provider, starts operations to manufacture components for electric vehicle batteries in a new structure of its already existing factory. The company announced it expects a supplier to establish its infrastructure in the location, too.

The different activities related to electromobility are driving the growth of industrial real estate in Mexico. More enterprises are expected to establish themselves in the country to follow the electric vehicle production trend. The sector will be an important industry driver in the coming years.

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