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Mexican aerospace industry grows due to Tier 1 OEM providers

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Mexican OEM providers are not exclusively focused on the auto parts industry. An important number of manufacturers are dedicated to the aerospace area.

Specifically, 386 companies work on developing technology and components for aerospace providers, with the most activity in the northwestern region of Mexico. There are 97 in Baja California, 58 in Sonora, and 52 in Chihuahua.

Queretaro, in the central region of the country, has 50 enterprises and important international industries of this activity have providers there. With 19 Mexican states having companies developing in the sector, the industrial park in Guanajuato is also focusing on the diversification of its OEM industry, which is key for automotive manufacturing.

Mexican aerospace industry activities started in the 1960s decade, but it was in 2005 that the growth registered started to be exponential. From this year on, OEMs and top-tier aircraft parts suppliers started to set up their activities in the country.



Maintenance and service, the next step for growth

The development of the aerospace industry has taken regional governments and academia to support the activities, which has led to the creation of clusters focused also on Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) projects.


Crucial facts for the aerospace OEM industry in Mexico:

    • Mexico is 6th among the most important suppliers to the United States.
    • The average annual growth for the Mexican aerospace OEM industry is 15%.
    • The aerospace industry in Mexico attracts more than US $33,000 million every year in foreign investment.
    • Since 2005, 85% of the Mexican aerospace enterprises that started operations arefocused on manufacturing.


The country has developed infrastructure and provided technical skills to workers, two facts that support the creation of an important aerospace industry hub. Currently, Mexico can produce every component needed for aerospace manufacturing, which has taken enterprises such as Delta Airlines to send its planes to Mexican companies for maintenance and reparations.

Still, there are big chances for the area to grow in different states that can establish their own industries, which continues attracting foreign investment, especially from Europe, for the activities.


The most important aerospace enterprises in Mexico

  • Safran (Queretaro): a French company that is recognized for its innovation and sustainability commitment, Safran has established various production locations and, in 2019, started the activities of an engine factory in Queretaro. 
  • Airbus (Queretaro): founded in Toulouse, the enterprise is recognized for its quality and sustainability commitment; with airplanes and helicopter production, its production facility in Queretaro is dedicated to different components and has over 4,000 workers. Airbus has also established a technician school to provide qualifications and knowledge.

  • Boeing (Baja California): Tijuana, Baja California, is the place where the United States company has its production facility in Mexico. One of the most-known aerospace manufacturers in the world, Boeing is recognized for its innovation, efficiency, and sustainability commitment. 
  • Bombardier (Queretaro, Hidalgo): the Canadian enterprise specializes in airplanes and trains, being the manufacturer of the vehicles used for the Mayan Train project, in the Mexican southern region. It’s also a provider of the Mexico City Metro system. The French enterprise Alstom have acquired a part of the Transportation division of Bombardier, and, in 2021, its regional airplanes division was acquired by Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which allowed Bombardier to focus on new projects. Currently, it has manufacturing facilities in Queretaro and Sahagun City, Hidalgo.

  • Honeywell (Baja California, Chihuahua): an American company that works in a wide range of products and services, including aeronautic parts. It has activities in Mexicali, Tijuana, and Chihuahua.

  • GE Aviation (Queretaro): a division of the American company General Electric which is focused on manufacturing airplane engines. Its Mexican facility is in Queretaro.

  • Hawker Beechcraft (Nuevo Leon): an American company that is part of Textron Aviation, Beechcraft produces business and military airplanes, but its presence in Mexico is limited to offering components and technical support.

The nearshoring trend is boosting Mexican industrial activities, including aerospace manufacturing. Considering this landscape, Frontier Industrial offers industrial land for sale and buildings for rent in the main industry regions of the country, such as the industrial park in Guanajuato. If your company wants to establish and develop activities in Mexico, please get in touch with us for more information and availability.