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Minimum needs for industrial Parks in Mexico

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Referring to industrial parks in Mexico, it’s important to consider different specifications that allow qualifying industrial land in this category.

The Mexican Ministry of Economy uses the Mexican Standard for Industrial Parks NMX-R-046-SCFI-2005 as a guide for considering whether industrial land can be viewed as a part of an industrial park. This standard defines some infrastructure requirements to improve enterprises’ conditions for developing their activities.

This standard also establishes generic test methods to standardize the required measurements within some evaluation parameters: 

Surface for industrial parks

Industrial parks should have at least a 10 Ha. (1,076,391 ft2) of urbanized surface, with the same area (a minimum surface of 10 Ha.) available to develop for growing operations.

Location of industrial parks

Industrial parks must be located near important transportation, such as an airport, a maritime port, a highway, or a railway.

Required infrastructure for industrial parks

To be considered an industrial park, an industrial site must be developed and have basic services such as water and drainage, electricity, telecommunications, and internal infrastructure.

Operations’ permits for industrial parks

An industrial park must have all the necessary permits to operate the industrial plants that could be installed within it.

Centralized administration of industrial parks

Any industrial park must have a central administration coordinating internal security, the proper functioning of infrastructure, the promotion of properties, and the overall management of procedures and permits with the authorities.

As we explained in a previous article, there are more certifications and requirements an industrial park should meet to be considered as an advanced infrastructure with current operations, such as ESG certifications, that the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP) promotes to offer foreign investors the best infrastructure and conditions that help them develop their businesses.

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