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AMPIP will promote quality certifications for Mexican industrial parks

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While nearshoring to Mexico keeps the expectations of attracting new investments for the industry rising, executives who work in promoting the activities are looking for new ways to make the country a more prepared place for receiving these funds.  

That’s why AMPIP executives recently affirmed they pretend to make all the industrial parks in Mexico part of an initiative for getting quality certifications that demonstrate compliance with sustainability evaluation criteria, such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and  Governance) because there are important challenges for the industrial infrastructure in the country.

Claudia Esteves, AMPIP’s general director, told recently in an interview published by Solili that the association (Mexican National Association of Private Industrial Parks) works on  different projects for attracting investors to the country, using the new distinctive of “Safe Industrial Park” for letting prospects know that the industrial space providers’ takes care of the security protocols.

For the beginning of 2023, 47 new industrial parks are in construction in different areas of Mexico, in a demonstration, told Esteves, that the country is diversifying the industrial activities distribution.

AMPIP is also looking for promoting the advantages of Mexico as a country that can offer good opportunities for enterprises that look to a relocation of their activities and beef up their representation by attracting 100% of the Mexican industrial parks. The association has 430 associated parks, and near to 3,700 enterprises, almost 90% of the real estate developers in the country.

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They’re also looking to involve in the discussion about the energetic supply, which is one of the biggest challenges for Mexican industrial infrastructure right now. Esteves told they will work on  new studies for identifying the main topics they need to solve, so they can speak with more precision and give better solutions.

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