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Industrial parks infrastructure: a key factor in boosting nearshoring

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An industrial park is a group of enterprises that operate in a common space with the required infrastructure to develop their activities. In this general context, as we've explained in various articles before, there are some resources that the owner or manager of the industrial space must provide, such as:

  • Water access 
  • Energy sources 
  • Internal infrastructure (paved roads, drainage, telecommunications) 
  • Accessibility 
  • Workforce availability

According to these criteria, it is noticeable why the development of industrial parks in Mexico differs in various areas of the country: the availability of services, the opportunities for the population to study, prepare or work in a professional site, and the connectivity (the existence of roads and different forms of transportation) define the possibility of developing an area to accommodate industrial activities and benefit certain regions. This is currently happening with the industrial park in Guadalajara.

One of Mexico's challenges is attracting foreign investments for nearshoring and developing the country's economy. While some areas in the north have almost all the necessary resources (Monterrey, Saltillo, and Guadalajara being examples), the southern and southwestern states lag in industrial development.

The industrial park in Guadalajara is the most beneficial at the moment, attracting investments that areas such as Tijuana, Monterrey, Saltillo, or Mexico City cannot receive due to the demand for industrial buildings in different cities.


Different kinds of industrial parks

Different types of industrial parks exist. For instance, there are Special Economic Zones where authorities can provide tax and regulatory benefits, as well as Export Processing Zones that have been used in various countries to incentivize investors and boost economic dynamics.

The rationale behind industrial parks is to provide planned infrastructure concentrated in an easily manageable area, expecting that the concentration of enterprises generates sufficient economic resources to benefit the surrounding geographical area.


The importance of covering the needs

Developers of industrial parks must consider the specifications set by the authorities for the infrastructure. Generally, the rules aim to establish broad specifications based on the developer's requirements to design and build the project in compliance with minimum standards, industry best practices, energy efficiency standards, and quality standards.

With significant foreign investments coming to Mexico due to nearshoring, the country has the opportunity not only to develop different areas and boost industrial markets but also to improve the quality of infrastructure in cities where industrial activity is crucial. This allows for meeting the most advanced design and quality standards worldwide. Nearshoring to Mexico should serve as a key factor in elevating industrial activities in the country and not solely for economic improvement in different areas.

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